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8/6/2019 3:12:11 AM
new social media for requirement
Ok, I had discussing with few dliver with this and making a combat next year. A There people who don't like using twitter, Facebook and Instagram since their not non free speech platform and i understand streamer use it to promote their livestream. I request for 2 more option of the social media call and for the people who want to use free speech platform. If you guy support free speech platform then any plan adding gab and as a secondary social media.
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9/12/2019 6:49:42 AM
I'll probably never be an affiliate or beyond for 3 reasons: 1) I don't use any social media for personal reasons, 2) It's not goal of mine to gain badges unless it just happens, and 3) I'm not that popular anyway :) Since I don't care if I gain the status upgrades, I'm not really affected by the requirement. But if someone had my #1 reason above but not #2 & #3 (they wanted to grow on the site), it could be frustrating.
8/17/2019 12:03:47 PM
I too only created a twitter for DLive. I'm not a fan of the social medias overall, but I do have a minds as i agree with their approach to social media.That being said, why ask for an expansion on restrictions rather than the removal. I understand that having a social platform is important to DLive, so why not allow them to propose any social platform they choose, be it twitter, minds, Facebook, gab, their blog, a telegram channel, or whatever else they may use as their social presence.
8/12/2019 8:45:24 PM
Sorry, and I dumped my FB like two years ago for the same reason.
8/12/2019 8:44:50 PM
I recently dumped my twitter also, due to repeated 1A concerns across the platform. Now getting into Gab, and will be trying Minds as soon as I have time.
8/10/2019 8:28:04 PM
i fully agree. i got a twitter just for dlive and i only use it for dlive.i stop useing facebook cuz all the damn drama. i went to coin and yen. much better sites then facebook and twitter. why should posting to main stream sites be a requirement to be VP or GP. i came to dlive cuz at the time it was not "main stream" like twitch. but with all the new roll outs i dont know.