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8/18/2019 3:53:37 AM
Being Able to Pick which Steamer you want notifications for
We need a feature to be able to pick which streamers we want to get notifications for. Just because we follow and support some streamers doesnt mean we always want a notification when they go live, we should have a notification option so we can pick and choose who we want to be notified of when they go live please :) For the app.
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9/12/2019 6:18:18 AM
ABSOLUTELY. Glad you brought this up cuz I was about to. I also recommend custom groups (groups only visible to account holder). So, for example, I could make a group called *friends* and add my buddies to it. Another group called *musicians* another *gamers* etc, named as I please. Then I could also mute/unmute notifications on each group as a whole if I so choose, cuz maybe I'm in a music mood for a while, or I just want to hear from friends and not the others cuz I'm burnt out, whatever.