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8/24/2019 1:31:47 AM
Chest timer
Many streamers don't want to worry about opening the chest. I for one forget to open it when I want to do it periodically. I believe a timer where the streamer can set an interval where the chest automatically opens, but the viewer still has to claim it would be a good improvement.Or, give mods the permission to open chest when the streamer request it. Then again that leads to a problem if mods go rouge.
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11/17/2019 8:03:07 PM
I always forget to open it... I would love a way for it to auto open. For me I feel like a "Open at" setting would be useful. For example I could set it to always auto open if the chest reaches 20 Lemon. That way it still adds up to a worthwhile amount for it to open to people. Was going to submit a feature request but this is pretty much the same.