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9/5/2019 1:01:34 AM
Donators on the rise! Beside Creators on the rise!
Know what i'd love to see as a verified partner? A top 10 donators leader board beside the creators on the rise board on main page. why should we only reward and notice the top 10 streamers? let's show our appreciation!I'm sure not only will boost engagement from people, but it'll feel like we actually acknowledge them as a precious supporters of DLiveMaybe even give them a Badge for the month for hitting top 10 donators 1 day in that month.
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9/20/2019 9:30:55 PM
I am supporter vs steamer ATM. I think it’d be a nice option to offer Creators! The TOS changes re: “giveaways, etc” are frustrating, although I saw the increasing need for it. But there are creators who are engaging, gracious & offer content other than what their tag implies. Everything I collect (or purchase) I give back to the creators. I wish there were a way to allow non-streamers (we also contribute to the platform’s success) to continue supporting via giveaways/wheels! Made donating fun!
9/17/2019 2:54:21 AM
I worry that this would exploit those who donate and don't know when to stop. Placing themselves in financial jeopardy. And while the argument that "they should know better" is legitimate, incentivising a potentially destructive behavior wouldn't look good for such a feature
9/15/2019 6:20:16 AM
This is a good through but when donating large amounts, the donater get spammed in chat and discord ,and get many fake followers that is there only to beg for support so this function i would not like to see unless it is possible to select if you want to be in this list or not.In addition people will send lino back and forth here also to get up there.
9/15/2019 5:41:41 AM
I like this idea. PhLo got a point. To combat this you should put a setting to click if you want to opt out in the advertising of your name.
9/11/2019 11:08:22 PM
The appreciation is spot on. Problem is that people who are generous with their favorite streamer(s) might not want to be called out. Being generous can lead to a few people following just so they can beg for support. Front page visibility would increase this problem. Some people don't want to be called out for their generosity in a larger audience for whatever their reasons. In those cases they might give less for fear of being on the home page. Other people would love the attention.