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9/8/2019 7:04:23 AM
Earn Badges/Lino for exploring DLive
Lino awards and badges such as:'Explorer' Badge for those who visit X amount of different streams in a week. 'Social Butterfly' Badge for those who are very engaged in chatting'Super Fan' Badge for those who are subscribed to more than X streamers'Generosity' Badge for those who have donated over X lifetime lino 'Ninja' badge for those who spend a lot of time lurking'Sticker Addict' for those who communicate with more than 50% stickers
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11/16/2019 11:46:39 PM
I like the idea of badges, sadly giving out lino could be abused a lot by bots. What DLive could do is use the exploration as multiplier for your chest payout - so if you explore dlive (new channels, new categories) your chest as a streamer accumulates more!
10/10/2019 12:29:12 PM
The badges part is really neat idea, and would help to make people visit other channels. Lino reward part not so much as it would most definitely draw in the spam activity.But the badge idea is really great.
9/27/2019 9:17:21 AM
This is an amazing idea to help everyone on DLive and to keep having people visiting other channels as well and spread the love, I think this will fit amazingly with DLive's goals.
9/17/2019 1:45:03 AM
lol those spammer are goona get spammer badge for sure ha ha good idea
9/11/2019 10:16:37 PM
Badges or trophies like earned in games is a fun idea. I could see it leading to spammy behavior if lino was awarded, but badges on someone's profile page seems interesting and harmless, promoting activity and exploration beyond just... er, well... only following pewdiepie for example and never going elsewhere.