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9/9/2019 1:20:52 PM
New way to claim lino
The lino in the chest should be claimable from the followers based on how much they have talked and spend their time in the stream. With a minimum of time and words decided by the devs
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9/30/2019 8:05:21 PM
A lot of viewers just prefer to listen and not chat; when we listen to the radio broadcasts, we are not chatting; older folks and others spend time listening and should be rewarded as when DLive initially started and the viewer controlled when they would claim their prize after the box popped up by completing the captcha screen. Also, how are certain disabled persons able to click a screen that they cannot see?
9/24/2019 2:30:08 AM
Agreed ,also one way would be make it so they have to be followed for x amount of days first. another would be they have to have an account for x number of days. But right now basically talking only improves your chances, it doesn't guarantee. Same with donating. So you're right, they can lurk and still have a very real potential for getting high up in the leaderboard. I also think if the account gets deactivated, the lino should trickle back to where it camefrom. but that's just me.
9/24/2019 1:42:21 AM
seems like lino farmers are still able to get lino from the chest without actually contributing anything other gifs to chat. this should be changed. i think there should be a new way to claim to stop farmers. all they do is say "hi" and "welcome"
9/14/2019 5:32:29 PM
Great idea support this! :)