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7/26/2019 7:11:36 AM
Background play
Permit chromecast streaming and multitasking //background play on iPhone
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12/15/2021 6:01:32 AM
Of course yes
12/12/2020 2:33:37 AM
Please add this feature
10/20/2020 11:23:53 PM
This is an essential feature. Since many of us multi-task, it’s vital to be able to have the stream continue in the background.Especially when you click a link provided in chat, the stream goes silent until you return back.
10/3/2020 5:35:21 AM
This is such a vital feature for a streaming platform and one that would not be a heavy development lift to implement in a future update. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have to effectively brick my device when listening to a stream whose substance primarily lies in audio as opposed to video.
8/23/2020 1:00:04 PM
This is the one thing that sets YT above the rest. I hate have to leave my screen on when I just want to listen
3/21/2020 4:19:31 AM
Please add background playback
12/13/2019 8:37:06 AM
The app really need this, makes it hard to listen to streams using my phone when the screen has to be on and I can’t use other apps without the replays pausing.
12/4/2019 10:04:52 PM
Background play for audio would be a great addition. Makes it so that if you need to switch to something else while watching you can keep listening in the mean time.
11/15/2019 11:44:00 AM
Background play absolutely is an option, FailGamer. YouTube app does this as well as many others. Of COURSE he means maintain the audio what the heck else would he mean by Mobile Background Play lol.This feature is desperately needed as more and more people migrate to this platform for topical analysis content.
7/30/2019 6:21:36 AM
So an FYI - background play isn't really an option as the only thing you can do on iPhone is continue to play the audio on the background. I don't believe apple has the PIP options like android for iPhone (partially available on iPad). So any benefit will be minimal.I would suggest moving the "chromecast" streaming option to a separate feedback request as this would be great, and isn't currently available on Android either. You have to use external tools to achieve this.