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9/14/2019 7:22:16 PM
Mobile Editing
I have asked about this in Discord and via tickets repeatedly. You used to have a button on the mobile app that allowed editing of the about section. That is no longer there. I have no way of editing that section because I am a mobile user. I have been told on Discord that this would be rectified but has not for months. Please help. Thank you.
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12/29/2019 12:19:02 PM
I agree Donna. I now have a Samsung too! It is impossible to edit the panels. Zooms in when textareas are clicked, triggers a css breakpoint, hides the panel editing - maddening!. The dashboard page also needs to be tested by devs on phones. It's not mobile friendly! Needs major css revisions. The menu should shrink to a hamburger button so it doesn't take up so much awkward, horizonal space. Better yet, put dashboard & about panel editing in mobile app for best, consistent ui & experience.
10/1/2019 10:42:58 AM
Still waiting and mobile browser on Samsung products doesn't work.
9/29/2019 10:52:57 AM
Would be nice for sure. I can get around this by visiting my channel in a mobile browser and closing dlive app after it redirects. But in-app editing of about tab would be great.