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9/16/2019 5:18:28 AM
Chest Auto Open
If a streamer adds any lino to the chest and is offline for more then 10 minutes it auto opens. In addition during this time the streamer can reconnect and not have the chest refund/open.
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10/12/2019 12:27:34 AM
I don't agree with this. It's the streamers lino - they should decide when it is opened or not. As the chest amount is invisible to the user the idea that it lures in viewers in no longer valid.As a viewer you aren't watching a stream for the chest, you are watching for the streamer. If the lino is what you consider important you need to consider why you watching the stream.
9/28/2019 12:21:40 PM
i agree streamer add the lino to chest to reward for viewers and for there interaction but adding it for luring the audience and not to open is just a kind of misusing of chest system Dlive did make sure chest doesn't show anymore but also need to make sure miss use too and also if the streamer disconnect and the refund is taking time to comeback what is the point of adding limit to number of lino can be added in the time interval