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9/27/2019 9:22:27 AM
Hosting (Auto Switch)
I've noticed when someone is being hosted it would "Pause" the stream for everyone and you need to either refresh to see who has been hosted or click on the link that was send in chat.Something similar to Mixer, where it would "Auto" Switch and show the channel being hosted without needed to refresh the page or click on the link.
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9/29/2019 11:27:38 AM
The auto redirect wouldn't work out well imho. I think it should remain the viewer's discretion to click through. Otherwise how could viewers read information about the host - follow, subscribe, about tab, replays, etc... Dlive would redirect, and the host channel information would not be visible during that time. But hosts do sometimes start off a bit buggy currently. Sometimes the host interface doesn't show up in a timely manner, and a page refresh becomes necessary as GeekTime mentioned.