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10/3/2019 11:48:21 AM
Delete Followers that don't follow for 30 days
I think a lot of accounts have many follows that don't come back for more than 30 days, I think the numbers we see on a streamer ain't really that number. So can we have followers that don't show up in the stream be removed from the follow count? So we can see the true follow.
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3/23/2020 12:20:47 AM
Maybe abbility to flush the dead souls away by the streamer should be great. It helps keep the stream amd community going. I would like to have 20 viewers and 100 followers much more as 20 viewers and 3277 followers...
10/28/2019 9:36:35 PM
I agree with Fail Gamer. People should not be automatically unfollowed by the platform itself. If the user wants to unfollow they have the ability to do so.
10/12/2019 12:14:25 AM
This would be bad addition in my eyes. Loosing followers will always demoralise a streamer, it will look bad on statistics and thus for dlive in general. There is a reason that companies don't do that eg. Twitch, Youtube, Mixer etc.I think a true indication of active followers is the number of views you get on average. This should be enough.