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10/6/2019 7:33:58 AM
CCU Being Lowered for Affiliates trying to become Verified Partners
A lot of Affiliates have been wanting a change to the 40 CCU requirement. We believe that 40 CCU is very high and out of reach for an affiliate. We come upon some Global Partners that can’t even maintain that, so how is it expected for an affiliate to get and maintain 40 CCU average to apply for Verified Partner. Thank you very much and hope DLive takes this into consideration to lower the CCU requirement to Apply for Verified Partner!
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11/12/2019 4:09:28 AM
The other option (and it's one I'm considering) is to stream LESS in order to bring your average down? I mean, I've streamed almost daily since April (I've missed about 10 days) and it's now November and I've reached 1000 followers but I've never seen a CCU over 20.
11/9/2019 10:30:40 AM
yeah the ccu at 40 no one will get cn dlive drop it back to 15 or ten