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10/8/2019 10:34:41 AM
Moderate Feedback Suggestions More Frequently
In order for the feedback website to be a valuable tool, quicker moderation of submitted ideas would encourage more interaction. As of today, the latest suggestion appearing on the site is 11 days old. I am sure more have been submitted since and are waiting approval. Maybe none have made it through quality control? Otherwise it feels like a long time between submission & being able to see & vote. I'm sure staff and developers are very busy though, so understood. Any solution?
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10/20/2019 12:36:58 PM
It would also be cool if the subject line had a smart algorithm which, as the subject is typed in, other existing submissions would pop up. Votes get diluted when the same suggestion gets submitted several times, so if a person more easily saw their question already exists without scrolling through them all, they'd just vote on the existing one instead.