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10/8/2019 11:58:23 PM
Pop out (draw over other apps)
I noticed you have a pop out button but that only goes for when you click back to dlive main streams ect.What about when you want to go onto another app? I think it would be good if i could access aother app like twitter and have the stream pop out and be able to watch while scrolling through other apps.
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10/20/2019 12:33:36 PM
I'm not sure if this is just my phone because it's a Samsung, but it already does this for me. The little floating DLive video box remains on top while I have other apps open. I can drag it around to get it out of the way but continue to enjoy the content while doing other things. I just got the new phone (Samsung S9), so I'm guessing it's probably exclusive to their OS. Don't think it does that on my old phone.