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10/20/2019 12:22:48 AM
Enable / Disable Clips / Follows Notifications for PUBLIC CHAT
Please go look at my channel and look at the followers list and clip collection to see why I'd like the ability to disable Clips notifications and Follows notifications NOT ONLY ON CLIENT SIDE, for everyone that's watching the stream as well.I wish we had the option to disable clipping on the individual channels as well.
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10/29/2019 6:26:14 PM
When I first read this I didn't think it could be an issue. Then I checked and saw more than 30 clip notifications in your current chat! Obviously a few people are abusing the clipping feature for whatever reason. Most viewers who make clips don't overdo it and most streamers either like clips or are indifferent. But I agree this should be under the control of each channel. For now, why not warn then mute those who are abusing this as you would for any troll.