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10/23/2019 10:41:38 AM
Where Did the Scrollbar Go
I suppose someone got rid of the scrollbars on every page thinking no one would notice? I did :) I miss the quick way to go up, down & everywhere in-between. Mobile doesn't need it, but web/desktop does. Sure, most people have mouse wheels, but it takes forever to scroll down the entire home page (or chat panel) & then try to find something in the middle again. Too slow.
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12/28/2019 5:37:21 PM
I agree, the lack of the scroll bar makes the dlive slow to navigate, all other websites I use have scrollbar for ease of use, scrolling with the mouse is too slow, if the scroll bar is there you can grab it and move to where you want on the page quickly, bring back the scrollbar!
10/30/2019 10:45:11 PM
It's very distracting on the dashboard page where you need to scroll up, down and sideways to see content. The page is rendered unusable now if the window isn't huge and maximized. Need scroll capability.