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7/27/2019 6:08:33 AM
Viewers Displayed In Chat Setting
I would Like the Feature Where the Streamer can see Who is in the Chat even if they dont talk in chat. That would be a great Feature in my view
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1/28/2022 1:32:06 AM
A decent way around the whole "lurkers don't want to be called out" would be a user option to show as invisible, or muted, or whatever. Just name them "AnonViewer1", "AnonViewer2" or whatever.
9/12/2019 2:30:44 PM
This is a must and quite frankly the biggest issue with dlive at the moment
9/7/2019 10:55:46 AM
Iam in! It should be visible
8/26/2019 8:59:00 AM
I think if the streamer shouts out a lurker then the next time the viewer won't come into this stream and it's the fault of the streamer...but sometimes it is useful to see if the viewer you talk with is still in there or if an mod is there (but doesn't chat) etc.
8/3/2019 4:25:16 PM
I also have to oppose that idea. Like mentioned by @Zethnos it can cause more bad than good, and also let the lurkers be lurkers if they desire to :D
8/3/2019 1:47:32 AM
Along with that, the ability to perform moderator actions on those users.
8/1/2019 10:28:40 PM
I personally don't like this, because it would allow streamers to call people out. Also, this could cause drama and beef between people because "I saw so and so in my stream". I've seen more bad things than good come from being able to see who is in chat. As much as I would LOVE to see who is supporting me and enjoying my content, I'd rather not be able to in order to prevent the other nonsense.