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11/28/2019 5:37:58 AM
Stories Being Implemented to DLive!
I believe DLive should implement “Stories” to the platform, just like other platforms like (Instagram and YouTube for example). Stories being implemented to DLive would help the streamers communicate to their audience outside of their stream or when they are “Currently Offline”. This would be another way to notify your audience. A streamer can post a story saying that they will be live in the next 30 minutes to prior notify their audience before DLive sends the notifications out!
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2/11/2020 4:02:41 PM
Stap - MEMUR şarkısı aç abi
12/20/2019 9:33:56 PM
I'm probably not the best to speak on this since I'm decisively off all social media and not familiar with the story construct, but I think channels could use more social & interactive features like these. Another suggestion a while back was to have a Twitter-like feed where the streamer can post statuses or updates. Yet another idea was for pinned chat posts that remain at the top and boxed/bolded to stand out. I'm all for this kind of stuff. Could be reserved for partners if need be.