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12/23/2019 4:46:44 PM
Auto Host Function
I think There Should Be an auto host list the affiliates and higher get. This would automatically pick and host some one you have added to your auto host list. I think this would be a cool feature and would benefit the platform
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5/5/2021 5:48:23 AM
i would like to have this feature as well for when i am not streaming. it will help drive more people to follow the site if you are not streaming and followers check in on your channel
7/17/2020 9:06:46 AM
Agreed. Mixer (RIP) had this feature, though I never explored getting it to work. A great way for viewers to show support even if they can't always be there. Needs to make it clear it's an auto-host so the streamer doesn't try to talk to the person. I can't say what streamers think about it (good or bad), but as a viewer I thought it was a cool idea.