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1/19/2020 7:19:09 AM
Need a way to hide channels
Need a way to hide channels to never see them on feed again. Getting tired of scrolling through channels with constant contradictory drama going on. It isn't content, its whining. Once is fine, every day needs an ignore button.
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11/10/2021 5:36:15 PM
In the German-speaking DL-community, there are also clearly too many conspiracy-theory channels for my taste, which are only on the road here because YT blocks them for their nonsense.I almost don't care if their absurd corona-paranoia is allowed here or not - but since I *do not want* to see them even in 20 years I would be really grateful if there was both or either the function to block/hide users or at least channels.
10/30/2020 4:44:43 PM
I agree. We really need a method to customize our own landing screen with only the content that we wish to see. Such as only what we are following. 90% of the stuff I am forced to thumb through is content I despise like all the name and gaming content. Thank you in advance.