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7/29/2019 3:59:11 AM
Complete list of non game categories to stream to.
Can we get a complete list of non game title categories? I'd love to see this in the dashboard, but as long as we get one somewhere I'll be happy. This will help people know what is available if they aren't streaming a game.
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9/9/2019 9:15:10 AM
Understood. Most of my content isn't gaming, so I have to guess what the available categories are by starting to type. When I play my piano, I type "Music" and it's an available category. For bookbinding, I choose "Crafts." If hiking, I have to choose "IRL" or "Sports & Fitness" - neither of which are ideal tbh. Only issue is it's important to keep the interface clean, so a huge list probably shouldn't always be visible. Maybe click "Info" or "List" to see it in a popup?
8/1/2019 12:43:42 PM
I don't mean to add more categories. I'm talking about I have no idea what the categories are unless I try to search for something. I was looking for a list of already existing ones (that are not games) such as art, chatting, etc.
7/31/2019 12:58:19 PM
I beleive games/categories are added manually, you can DM a staff member to request a category to be added :)