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3/10/2020 4:06:24 PM
Chat Only stream (for IRL)
Hello!I come here to propose to the platform a simple option "just chat" in livestreams to improve the life of IRL Streamers. This option exists on other streaming platforms and I think it would be good if Dlive also had it!There may not be many IRL streamers right now but there may be new ones in this category! (including me)The streamer is unable to turn off the livestream image for more chat comments and life battery of the phone...What do you think of the idea?#DliveToTheMoonThanks
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7/17/2020 9:10:14 AM
100% yep. Agreed. This is a repeat of another identical suggestion, so I'll vote on both. Options to change font size might be helpful too - without having to do it for the entire phone, just this app. That way you could have the phone sitting somewhere "away" and not have to hold it while doing IRL in some situations.