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7/30/2019 2:56:08 AM
Playstation app
Team;I really love Dlive and want to migrate from twitch. One major obstacle is i stream on Playstation and it would be amazing and expose DLive to even more users.
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8/8/2019 1:43:38 PM
To integrate this into the streaming structure of the ps4 operating system, yikes that seems like it would be difficult. Guarantee twitch and youtube paid good money for that. Fantastic Idea, though. At the very least, an app to at least watch Dlive on my ps4 would be great. Your best bet is to get a capture card and use a PC to do the streaming while you play. I know, it's all very expensive, but I wouldn't hold your breath for Current or Next Gen console integration.
7/31/2019 12:04:52 PM
I think this might be something that would need to be approved or partnered with xbox/sony, i doubt theyd be willing to give huge exposure to dlive without anything in return