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6/11/2020 2:38:48 PM
In-chat users list
In-chat users list, who watching stream Mods staffs and users can we see-Hazretiyasuo
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8/7/2020 10:12:38 AM
I agree with Phlo. I spend an equal amount of time lurking as I do chatting, if the user list idea was implemented I would spend less time on Dlive. For example I lurk while I am checking out new people on Dlive, I want to see if they are the type of person I am comfortable and happy engaging with and I do that by lurking.
7/17/2020 8:42:05 AM
Personally, I like to lurk silently when I'm not feeling social, enter in at a funny moment or when I feel like it. Remember, there are lots of introverts in the streaming world who don't want to be in the spotlight. Such viewers might shy away if they can't lurk. Others might love to be noticed, engage more. Depends on personality type. The worst would be if I clicked on a new-to-me channel out of curiosity, was called out, and I found out I didn't like the content and wanted to disappear.