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6/15/2020 1:55:37 AM
System to achieve full time streamer status
A model like twitch has. They have their main talent like Dr. Disrespect ect who pull in a ton of attention / viewers. Eventually when we get our main talent to where it needs to be, they can be incentivized to build up smaller talent. We should have more of an in depth partnership that will allow us to be actual full time streamers, and be promoted as the main talent of Dlive. A contract could be signed and that streamer will be fully supported with bonuses / advertisment / exclusivity ect.
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7/17/2020 8:31:28 AM
It's true. There are very few streamers who can afford to stream full time on this platform. Donations are very sporadic and hard to rely on. Even the biggest streamers on the platform don't pull in much income. Such a contract concept might bring in both more viewers and serious streamers as well as boost the potential for longtime OGs. No idea where the money would come from, but yeah.