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6/17/2020 2:03:34 AM
Bell Button
Since most people are following tens to hundreds of channels the notifications get spammed on mobile. Would be nice to have a bell button similar to youtube so that we could choose what channels we want to recieve notications from.
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10/22/2020 2:39:37 AM
I have my notifications disabled for this reason. The streamers I want to follow and the few I really want to know the minute they go live are very different.
7/17/2020 8:26:01 AM
Agreed. In addition, I mentioned to Tidy a while back the idea of circles or groups. So, for example, I could put streamers in categories that fit my watching mood. If I'm in the mood to only see gamers, music, art, close friends, etc, then I could turn notifications on/off for each group according to my watching desire. I have my notifications completely disabled for many months because I don't want to see so many from EVERYONE I follow.