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7/30/2019 7:11:56 PM
Co-operative streams
Streams that are co-operative with up to 4 streamers. You can watch them all at the same time or you can choose a one streamer to watch on full screen and donate to.
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9/9/2019 9:06:47 AM
I like ChancePaladin's idea of the split. Maybe a percentage breakdown option in case they agree to different than equal splits? Would need a "solo" audio button that could mute audio on all but one. Otherwise there'd be crazy echoes since often people collab through discord and echo each other. The primary challenge I see here is bandwidth since it could quadruple the amount of data being transmitted on a single page. A good idea that needs fleshing out with care.
9/7/2019 11:13:18 AM
yes, that would be a very nice feature :D split, tripple and quad screen :D
8/12/2019 8:49:07 PM
I wish also that when we co-stream, it can split the donation equally across everyone streaming. So if you have a 4-man team playing pubg, and someone gets a diamond, it would go 25/25/25/25. Borderlands, Farm Sim, etc.. I think it would work very well. Would foster people sticking together instead of feeling like competition and leading to resentment.
8/7/2019 4:13:37 PM
I just love this idea. It would make it so much easier.
7/31/2019 12:21:43 PM
Yeah, I like the way mixer dose there co-streams, very easy to invite people and the user can close the stream if it using too much of their bandwidthCo-Streaming is a great tool for networking with other streamers, I also like the way that on mixer all the chat's get merged into one making it better to interact with all the viewers
7/31/2019 7:49:25 AM
just make sure you do it like on mixer where you can close the other streams. too much chaos when so many videos.