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7/31/2019 11:14:15 AM
Make Panels better than Twitch's
Lets make Dlive panels better than twitch's.. my idea is we can have an option to upload a 2nd image for a panel so that someone puts their cursor on our panel the panel can change to the 2nd picture.So we can make a button 1st picture, then that same button 2nd picture but lighter so it looks like its selected, i think this would look pretty cool.Also an option for gifs could be cool aswell, then we could have an option for that extra professional button
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8/12/2019 7:19:34 PM
Having an image that's like a button overlay seems pretty nice, but you don't need to upload the images twice for each one, that can be easily achieved with mouse rollover function with CSS and Javascript like so → would actually prefer if the Streamer Description box and Panels supported Markdown Formatting, so you can put BOLD, ITALIC and UNDERLINE text, and do other stuff like URL formatting [Text Here](