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9/17/2020 1:50:47 PM
lower video quality
bandwidth isn't cheap or free.please allow for the lowering of video quality so that streams will actually play.enable a pause function that allows the streams to buffer properly. (currently skips ahead after being paused instead of resuming)
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6/25/2021 6:45:49 PM
Lowering video quality is an idea great. For older systems that can't run 1080p that well.
6/25/2021 6:44:15 PM
"currently skips ahead after being paused instead of resuming" This is a live streaming feature. Most live streaming sites like Twitch do the same thing. This isn't youtube, this isn't a competitor for youtube. This is a live streaming site. It should act like one. This would cost more resources because of how the data stream would have to split to supply the demand. If users are watching 30 secs or even minutes behind your stream you have to cache that "whole" stream and send it to them.
3/9/2021 11:16:44 PM
A lot of my viewers have issues watching my stream because of this so I've had to send them to a competitor in order so they can still watch my content