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9/29/2020 7:08:27 PM
Marketing for the platform
I really enjoy your platform, you guys should really start marketing and firm on the freedom of speech grounds. Don't end up like mixer. There's a real chance for a good platform to take center stage without the censorship like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and twitch. Anyway, keep up the good work. Any questions for ideas, feel free to reach out. I'm going to start streaming on the platform soon
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3/18/2022 8:30:29 PM
I dont think DLive can survive on the free speech niche alone, though it is a definite part of the historic draw. When Jan 6 happened, DLive was targeted by the FBI and Congress, and could have been shut down in theory... so they have to tread carefully in this regard. The US constitution no longer stands as the rule of this land, and to stay in business, compromises have to be made. Im all for better marketing though. Or even some marketing would be good.
10/9/2021 1:04:18 PM
What are you talking? DLIVE also censors streamers.